12 de enero de 2011

Maybe my memory's starting to come back

Lately I think about you all the time
When I do for some reason my heart starts pounding
That's love, I think. What do you think?
That's love, isn't it?
If it really was love...
that'd be proof that we used to go out
Maybe my memory's starting to come back 

But why did I dump you and start liking Hana?

You'll remember
I just don't understand it physically
To tell you the truth about Hana,
I don't really...

You don't like her?

Mark: It's not that...It's like...
she's not the type of girl I would approach

But you did.
And then you came to hate me

Mark: I wonder if that was really me...
It's like there's another me somewhere
This tree! Remember this?
It's where we first kissed.
It's raining
It's like we've gone back to that day

Mark: I don't remember at all

That's great.
I wish I could forget

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