3 de agosto de 2011

We owed Rosie our whole lives.

The Benzini Bros was officially belly up property of Altuna, Pennsylvania.
The shows on the road would get the sense soon enough and come to pick up our bones.
I wouldn't leave Rosie to that.
I wasn't gonna let any body touch her with that hook again.
So like I planned, I took my finals and with my degree, 
our animals and Marlena's act
Ringling got themselves a sweet deal. Sweet deal.

My first son was born that season. Walter.
He spent the first seven years of his life with Ringling.
That's why I cannot understand how he could forget to show up today.
There was a circus in town.
By the time our third son came we had enough.
Rosie retired. Luckily the vet of the Albany Zoo dropped dead 
so I got the job.
We bought some property so we can keep the horses,
Rosie, and five kids. Before you know it the kids are in the car and moving out.
So then it was just Rosie and us. When Rosie passed on Marlena cried for days.
We owed Rosie our whole lives.

And Marlena?
My Marlena died in her bed. Still beautiful though.
We had a lot of years, though.
I don't know how I did it but I managed 
to give her everything I promised.
And boy, that was the life. I'm telling you.

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