27 de marzo de 2011

Mary wished she had a friend...

Mary Dinkle's eyes were the colour of muddy puddles.
Her birthmark, the colour of poo.
It was Saturday afternoon and she was bored.
Mary wished she had a friend to play piggybacks with.
Mary's mood ring, which she'd found in a cereal box, 
was grey which, according to the chart,
meant she was either pensive, unconsciously ambitious or hungry.
Her only friends were 'The Noblets'from her favourite cartoon.
They weren't the real ones you bought in the shops 
but fake ones she had to make herself 
from shells, gumnuts, pompoms and the chicken bones 
salvaged from Friday night's takeaway.
She had to make all her own toys, and her favourites 
were Shrinkies potato chip packets that
she had shrunk in the oven.

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