2 de marzo de 2011

My name is Mary Daisy Dinkle

Dear Mr. M Horowitz.
My name is Mary Daisy Dinkle
and I am 8 years old, 3 months and 9 days.
My favourite colour is brown
and my favourite food is sweetened condensed milk
followed closely by chocolate.
I have a rooster called Ethel that looks like this.
He doesn't lay eggs but will one day.
My mother likes smoking, cricket and sherry
and my father likes playing in his shed with dead birds.
Where do babies come from in America?
Do they come from cola cans?
In Australia they are found in beer glasses.
Here is a drawing of me.
I can't draw ears proper but l'm good at teeth.
It would be great if you could write back and be my friend.

Yours " sincerealy ", Mary Daisy Dinkle.

PS. I hope you like the chocolate bar l'm also sending.
It's called a Cherry Ripe.

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