21 de febrero de 2011

Clem, I assume you fucked someone tonight...

Joel: This is the last time I saw you.
It's 3 o’ clock .
Clem: I kinda sorta 
wrecked your car.
Joel: Were you driving drunk?
 It's pathetic.

Clem: I was a little tipsy. Don't call me pathetic.
Joel: Well, it is pathetic. It's fucking irresponsible. 
Could've killed somebody.
Clem: Oh, God.
Joel: Maybe you did kill somebody.
Should we turn on the news and see?
Clem: Oh, Christ!
Joel: Should I check the grill to see if there's any children or small animals?
Clem: I didn't kill anybody! It's just a fucking dent, 
Joel. You're like an old lady or something.
Joel: Well, what are you like? A wino?

Clem: A wino? Jesus, are you from the 50's or something? 
A wino? Face it, Joely.
You're freaked out because I was out late without you, and in your little wormy brain... you're trying to figure out, 
did she fuck someone tonight?
No, see, Clem, I assume you fucked someone tonight
Isn't that how you get peopleto like you?...
I'm sorry. Okay? Clem, I didn't mean it. All right? Clem?

Clem: Your keys.
Joel: I was just... I was just...
Clem: I won't need them anymore.
Joel: Angry or annoyed or something, I don't know...Clem?

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