22 de febrero de 2011

I can't bring him back up...

Stan: Okay, I'll call Howard... Hello. Hello, Howard? Hey, it's Stan. Um, I'm working on this guy down here, and we seem to have lost him for a moment, and, uh, I can't... I can't bring him back up.
Howard: Okay, uh, tell me what happened before he disappeared.
Stan: Well, I wasn't sure, really, 'cause I was away from the monitor for a minute... and I had it on autopilot because I had to, uh... I had to pee.
Howard: Where's Patrick? Patrick?
Stan: Patrick had to go home sick. Ah, geez.
Howard: Okay, what's the address?
Stan: I know. I'm so sorry.
Howard: That's okay. Come on.
Stan: I'm at 159 South Village.
Howard: Yeah.
Stan: Apartment E. Rockville Center.

Stan: Mary? He's coming right now.
Mary: Yeah? I'm staying.
Stan: Get your stuff, Mary.
Mary: I'm staying.
Stan: I think you should go.
Mary: Hell, no.
Stan: Mary... Shit.
Mary: I am so stoned.
Stan: Please, Mary. You have to go. Stop being stoned, Mary.
Mary: I don't want him to see me stoned.
Stan: Mary, you have no idea how much trouble we're gonna get into if Howard comes...
Mary: I look like shit!

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