17 de febrero de 2011

Show me which constellations you know ♥

Joel: Whoa! I don't know.
Clem: Come on. Come on.
Eee! Come on. Come on, come on.
Joel: Whew.

Joel: Oh. So beautiful.
Clem: Isn't it?
Joel: Uh, don't go too far.

Clem: Whoo! Oww! Ow! Whoa! Oh!
Joel: Are you okay?
Clem: Ouch! Fuck it. Ohh! Oh, my ass!

Joel: I think I should go back.
Clem: Come on. Come on!

Joel: What if it breaks?
Clem: "What if"? Do you really care right now?
Joel: Huh?
Clem: Come here. Please. Come on.

Joel: Ohh. Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Clem: Slidy-slidy. Slidy-slidy. Whoa!

Clem: This is good. Here, let me show you this one thing.
Joel: What are you doing? Whoa.
Clem: Come on.
Joel: Think I heard a crack
Clem: It's not gonna crack or break or...It's so thick
Show me which constellations you know! 
Joel: Um...oh...I don't know any.

Clem: Show me which ones you know!
Joel: Okay...okay—oh! There's Osidius.
Clem: Where?
Joel: Right there...see? Sort of a swoop and a cross, Osidius the Emphatic.
Clem: You're full of shit, right?

Joel: Nope. Osidius, right there, swoop and cross.
Clem: Shut the fuck up!

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