21 de febrero de 2011

Do you love me?...

Stan: Patrick, can we get through this? Patrick.
Patrick: Hey, Tangerine.
Clem: Oh, Patrick, it's you. I'm so miserable right now.
Patrick: Why? What's wrong?
Clem: I don't know.... Excuse me?
 I'm so confused!
Clem: Can I help you fixind something, sir?

Patrick: Confused? What are you confused about? Everything's fine.
Clem: Baby, come here.
Patrick: Scared of what?
Clem: Do you love me?
Patrick: Of course I do.
Joel: Where's the self-help section?
Clem: Do you think I'm ugly?
Patrick: No! You're beautiful! Maybe I should come over.
Clem: No, no. I don't know. I'm a mess, Patrick.
Patrick: Well, just let me come over. I'll cheer you up.
Clem: Okay.
Patrick: Stan, can I leave for a while? My girlfriend's really upset.
Stan: We're right in the middle of erasing this poor man's...
Mary: Let him go, Stan! Let him go. I'll help.
Patrick: See?
Mary: How hard can it be?
Patrick: She hates me. She wants me to go.
Stan: Go.
Patrick: All right. I'll be right over, Tangerine.

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