24 de febrero de 2011

I knew something was going to happen...

Mierzwiak: Okay, so just tell me what you remember.
And we'll take it from there.

Um, I liked you immediately. At the job interview. 
 You seemed so... important and mature. 
 And I loved that you were helping all these people
 You didn't come on to me at all. I liked that. 
 I was tongue-tied around you at first.
 I wanted you to think I was smart. You were so nice. 
 I loved the way you smelled. I couldn't wait to come to work.
 I had these fantasies of us being married and having kids and just...
and so... then... when...that one day, when I thought you looked at me back... like... 
Oh, Howie, I can't do this? How can I do this?

It's what's best, Mary. You know that.

Yeah, I know. Oh, God. Okay, well, I was so excited...
Remember you bought me that little wind-up frog?
And you said...  "This is for your desk. Just a little token"
I knew then... I knew something was going to happen... something wonderful.

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