20 de febrero de 2011

Oh, my God. Déjà vu. Déjà vu...

Stan: Patrick, do me a favor. Hey, Patrick, do me a favor, will ya?
Patrick: Yeah.
Stan: Can you check the voltage regulator? What do we got there?
Patrick: Uh, voltage looks fine.
Stan: Really? Well, I'm not wiping as clean as I like here. I'm...
Well, uh, technically the procedure is brain damage.
Patrick: Check the, uh...Check the connections, please.
Joel: Oh, there you are. I...Why am I...I don't understand what I'm looking at. Why am I standing here and. Oh, my God. Déjà vu. Déjà vu. This is so...

Howard: All right, we should get started. If we're gonna get the procedure...Underway tonight,
we have some work to do.
Joel: I'm in my head already, aren't I?
Howard: I suppose so. Uh, this is about right. This is what it...This is what it would look like.

Stan: Very good.

We'll dispose of these mementos when we're done here. That way you won't be confused later by their unexplainable presence in your home.
Stan: Ah, there we go. Patrick?
Patrick: Yeah?
Stan: Patrick, can you check...
Joel: Patrick?
Stan: I'm getting some sort of readout
of my own voice.
Joel: Patrick? Patrick?
Patrick: Why are there so many wires?
Stan: A lot of equipment.

Patrick: Does that help?
Stan: Are you sure you set that thing up properly?
Patrick: How's that?
Mary: How are you today,Mr. Barish?
Stan: There we are, Mr. Barish. That's better.
Joel: I don't know if I like this.
Patrick: Think I might try this, then.
Stan: We're almost done now.
Howard: Mmm. Journal. That would be invaluable.
I met someone tonight. I don't know what to do. 
Her name is Clementine, 
 and she's amazing

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