19 de febrero de 2011

February is very busy for us

Mary: No, I'm sorry, Mrs. Sobel. You can't have the procedure done three times in one month. Well, it's just not our policy... How are you today, Mr. Barish? Hello. I'm right here.
I know it's an emergency, and we'll do everything we can... We can fit you in on the first of March.
Maybe you could talk to the doctor, a- and he...All right, so let's make an appointment.
What day would you like to come in this week?

Howard: Mr. Barish.
Mary: Um, he's really busy this afternoon. Maybe tomorrow would be better. Around :? Can you do that?

Howard: February is very busy for us because of Valentine's Day. This is, uh, Stan Fink, one of our most experienced and skilled technicians. He'll be handling your case tonight.

Stan: Great to meet you, Mr. Barish.

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