19 de febrero de 2011

Miss Kruczynski was not happy...

Mary:  Mr. Barish? 
How are we today?
Joel: Not too good, actually.
Stan: Boo!
Mary: Oh, my God! Stan!
Stan: Sorry. Sorry, I was just...
Mary: I'm working!
Stan: Sorry. Sorry.
Mary: Here, Doctor.
Howard: Thank you.
You should not have seen this. I apologize.
Joel: This is a hoax, right? I mean, this is Clem...
Howard: I assure you, no.
Mary: No.
Joel: Mm-mmm. There's no such thing as this.
Look, our files are confidential, Mr. Barish, 
so I can't show you evidence.
Suffice it to say that Miss, uh...
Miss Kruczynski was not happy, and she wanted to move on.
We provide that possibility

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