24 de febrero de 2011

You made me have you erased!

I need this signed, Howard.
(He takes it, unable to make eye contact. He signs it, hands it back.)
Thanks. So... do we talk about this... or what?

I don't know what I'm supposed say, Mary.  I want to do the right thing here.

MaryDo you love me? Did you love me? Something. I listened to my tape. I can't believe I've been sitting right in front of it for a year. It's like listening to someone else's story. I mean, I hear myself talking about having sex with you and I can't even imagine you naked. I can't even say "naked" to you!

Mierzwiak: I have a family, Mary

MaryYou made me have an abortion.
Mierzwiak: It was a mutual decision.

MaryYou made me have you erased! I loved you. I love you! How could you...
I didn't make you. You thought it best. But, look, I take full responsibility.

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