21 de febrero de 2011

My crotch is still here, just as you remembered it...

Joel’s mom: Listen, I'm just gonna go get a salad bowl. Can you stir the soup and keep an eye on Joel?
Clem: Sure.
Joel’s mom: He just likes to be near me.

Clem: Absolutely!
Joel: Clem?
Clem: It worked. My God, look at this! Wow! It worked! Look! Look at this dress, man! Oh, my God! Look at it! I wish I could take it with me. Who am I?
Joel: Mrs. Hamlyn.
Clem: Right. Mrs. Hamlyn.
Joel: I must be about four. Oh, my gosh.
Joel’s mom: Found the salad bowl, so I'm serving salad and string beans. Is he okay under there? Peanut, are you all right? God, honestly, I feel like I could clean up all day. Listen, would you hate me if I asked you to clean some string beans?
Clem: No, not at all. Oh, my God. I love this kitchen.
Joel’s mom: Thank you so much.
Joel: She's not looking at me. She's busy. She's not looking at me. No one ever looks at me. I want my mommy.
Clem: Oh, babyJoel. Hey, Joely! Joely!
Joel’s mom: Is every little peanut under there okay?
Clem: Mm-hmm! He's fine. Do you have something to drink? Would you drink a cocktail at this hour? I mean, I know it's not 5. I would die for a vodka.
Joel’s mom: Oh, hang on. Let me check if I have that.

Clem: Okay! I'm just gonna wait right here. Joel! Hey, no, sweetie. Uh, Joely.
Your mother wants me to mind you. Get back under the table.
Joel: Ice cream. Ice cream.
Clem: No, not until after, you know, you've had your dinner. Come on, Joel! Joel, grow up!
Joel: Don't leave me, Clem. Oh, my God, Clem.
Clem: This is sort of warped.
Joel: I'm scared. I want my mommy!
Clem: Don't cry, babyJoel. BabyJoel, it's okay. Joel. Joely. Joel! Stop it! Look, I think it's working. Look, we're hidden, Joel. Look! Hey, honey, look.
Wait there. My crotch is still here, just as you remembered it.

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