21 de febrero de 2011

He's stealing my identity. He stole my stuff...

Joel: Is anybody there? Clementine?
Clem: Joel?
Joel: Clement...
Clem: Joely?
Joel: Clem!
Clem: Joel?
Joel: Clem!

Clem: What?
Joel: We gotta go. We gotta go.
Clem: What? Where?
Joel: I have an idea of how to stop this.
Clem: Stop what? Joely.
Joel: Come on, Clem.
Clem: Smell my armpit! Smell my armpit! 
No! Don't tickle me! Don't make me smell you. Smell my pits! No. Good.
Joel: Concentrate, Clem. We gotta get back to the office. 
There was a tape recorder. No, not the picture. 
Not the picture. Where is it? Back here. Come on!
Clem: Oh, look at me. Hey, I look good there.
Howard: Look, our fixiles are confidential, Mr. Barish,
 so I can't show you evidence
Suffice it to say that Miss, uh... Miss Kruczynski... was not happy 
and she wanted to move on. Good. Now, tell me about Clementine.
Joel: Just tell me everything you remember. That's what he said. Then...
Clem: What did we see that day?
Joel: No, wait.
Clem: Oh, look! Hey!
Joel: Shit!

Clem: We're going to see my grandma. Joel, why... 
No, I don't want to... Joel, please! 
We're not going on a train. Don't make me run anymore.
Joel: Come on! Mierzwiak!
Clem: Do we always have to run?
Joel: Mierzwiak! Please.
Howard: So, why don't we begin by you telling me... everything you can remember.
Joel: Mierzwiak! Wake me up!
Howard: Oh, I-I'm sorry, Mr. Barish. I thought you understood what was going on here.

Joel: I don't know. You're erasing her from me. 
You're erasing me from her... I don't know.
You've got this thing. I'm in my bed. I know it. I'm in my brain.
Howard: I'm part of your imagination too, 
Joel. How can I help you from there? 
Uh, I'm inside your head too. I'm you.
Patrick: Sorry.
Joel: Look. Who's that?
Howard: Oh, he-he works for us. 
That's, uh, Pa-a-a-a-atrick, baby boy
He's stealing my identity. He stole my stuff. 
He's, uh, seducing my girlfriend with my words and my things. 
He stole her underwear. Oh, Jesus Christ! He stole her underwear.

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