24 de febrero de 2011

My 1st memory of her is now my last memory of her

I'm sorry Naomi couldn't make it. You okay?.. You seem quiet.
Just a little overworked, maybe.
The trip to the party where I met Clementine. 
 My first memory of her is now 
my last memory of her.

"Joel looks out the window. Carrie turns around and says
something to Joel. She is backlit, her hair a halo of frizz."
I remember you turned around
 Your face was dark and your hair was backlit 
I could see a halo of frizz 
you asked me if things were okay between Naomi and me.

I did. You said, things were fine.
I remember.
This is the night you met Clementine, Joel.
 I remember watching you walk down the beach 
with her and I thought, oh shit.
Yeah, you told me that later.
I told you that later.

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