21 de febrero de 2011

I kinda fell in love with her that night...

Patrick: Is there something wrong with a girl being attracted to me? Is that a problem?
Stan: No, I think it's... funny.
Patrick: So, who do you think's better-looking, me or this guy?
Stan: Patrick, let's focus, buddy.

Remember that girl we did last week? The one with the... potatoes?
Stan: That girl? That's this guy's girl.
Patrick: Right.
Stan: Yeah.
Patrick: Was. We took care of that.
Joel: Oh, God!
Patrick: Well, uh...I kinda fell in love with her that night.
Stan: What? You little fuck...
Patrick: What?
Stan: She was unconscious, man.
Patrick: Well, she was beautiful, and...I stole a pair of her panties as well.
Stan: Jesus!
Patrick: What? It's not like... I mean, they were clean and all.
Stan: Don't tell me this stuff, man! I don't wanna hear this shit!
Patrick: They were clean!
Stan: What? D-Don't! Stop!
Patrick: Okay. Yeah! All right!

Stan: We got work to do. Give me my papers.
Patrick: There's, um...There's more. 
After we did her, I kind of... went to where she works and asked her out.

Stan: You what? Jesus. Jesus, Patrick!
Do you have... any idea...how unethical...
Patrick: It's not really that bad. What? 
Get that look off your face. What's wrong?
Stan: Patrick, you stole a girl's panties!
There's someone here. He stole your underwear.
I don't see anyone

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