3 de febrero de 2011

He hugged her ♥

He did it. 
Her whole body was asking for it 
and from somewhere he got the courage to do it. 
He hugged her ♥.
For a terrifying second he thought he had done the wrong thing,
 her body was stiff, locked. 
He was about to let go when she relaxed into his embrace. 

The knot loosened and she coaxed her arms out, 
put them around his back and leaned trembling against him
he leaned her head against his shoulder and they stood like that. 
Her breath against his shoulder. 
They held each other without saying anything. 
Oskar closed his eyes and knew: this was big. 
Light from the outside lamp filtered 
through his closed eyelids and created a 
red membrane in front of his eyes. 
The biggest

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