3 de febrero de 2011

I hope that you can like me even though you know what I am.

Hope that you've slept well. 
I'm also going to sleep now. 
I'm in the bathroom. Don't try to go in there, please. 
I'm trusting you. 
I don't know what to write. 
I hope that you can like me even though you know what I am. 
I like you. A lot. ♥
 You're lying here on the couch right now, snoring. 
Please. Don't be afraid of me.
Please please please don't be afraid of me.
Do you want to meet me tonight? 
Write so on this note if you do.
If you write No, I'll move tonight. 
Probably have to do that soon anyway.
 But if you write Yes I'll hang around for a while longer. 
I don't know what I should write. 
I'm alone. 
Probably more alone than you can imagineI think. 
Or perhaps you can.
Sorry I broke your music machine. 
Take the money if you want. I have a lot. 
Don't be afraid of me. 
There's no reason to be. Maybe you know that. 
I hope that you know that. 
I like you so very much.
Your Eli  ♥

p.s. Feel free to stay. 
But if you leave make sure the door locks behind you

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