12 de febrero de 2011

It's all frightfully romantic!

Can I have another look?
That's so impressive!.. 
Can i touch it?
I've got scars...
they're on my lungs.
I was in bed for months during the war,  ravaged by respiratory illness.
Mummy and Daddy sent me to the Bahamas to recuperate.

I didn't see them for five years-but we're together now and
Mummy's promised they'll never leave me again.

Pauline: I spent ages in hospital, too...with my leg. 
I had to have all these operations.

Osteomyelitus turns your bones to chalk. 
It took them two years to drain all the muck out.
Cheer up! All the best people have bad chests and bone diseases!
It's all frightfully romantic!

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