12 de febrero de 2011

My Love Quotes - XI

You’re in love. Don’t deny it, you’ve been sighing all day.

Liars are the second-lowest form of human being on the planet.
- What's the first?
- Lawyers.

Sometimes bad things happen and darkness descends.

Life is chaos personified

Maybe the absence of a sign is a sign

When Love Feels Like Magic, It's called Destiny.
When Destiny Has A Sense of Humor, It's Called Serendipity.

I was a miserable failure in therapy.

The only barometer you have is your heart
so when you spot your flower, you can’t let anything get in your way.

Maybe the absence of a sign is a sign

All my words and every heartbeat. They're all for you

Je promets Je ne serai Jamais ton amie ne importe quoi Jamais

Affairs are much more exciting than marriages. As Mummy can testify.

A woman happily in love, she burns the soufflé. 
A woman unhappily in love, she forgets to turn on the oven

I changed my mind about this kiss. 
I think we should…give it a shot.

It looks like your true love is in love with someone else!

That’s why they call them crushes.
 If they were easy, they’d call them something else

It’s really human of you to listen to all my bullshit

I no longer know who I am and I feel like the ghost of a total stranger.

Fate! There is such a thing as fate, but it only takes you so far. 
Then it's up to you to make it happen.

You mustn’t give your heart to a wild thing.
 The more you do, the stronger they get.”

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