15 de febrero de 2011

I apply my personality in a paste!

Clem: Hi.
Joel: I'm sorry?

Clem: I just said hi.
Joel: Hi. Hello. Hi.

Clem: Okay if I sit closer?
How far are you going?
Joel: Uh, Rockville Center.
Clem: Get out! Me too!
Joel: Really?

What are the odds? Do I know you?
Do you ever shop at Barnes & Noble?
Joel: Sure. Sure.
Clem: That's it!
Joel: Yeah?
Clem: I've seen you, man!
Book slave there for, like, five years now.

Joel: Ah. I would have thought I would've remembered you.
Clem: Jesus! Is it five years?
It might be the hair.
Joel: What might?
Clem: It changes a lot. The color. That's why you might not recognize me. It's called Blue Ruin, the color.
Joel: Right. Yeah.
Clem: Snappy name, huh?
Joel: I like it.
Clem: Yeah. Anyway, this company makes a whole line of colors with equally snappy names.
Red... Red Menace, Yellow Fever, Green Revolution. That'd be a job, coming up with those names.

Joel: You think there could possibly be a job like that? I mean, how many hair colors could there be? Fifty, maybe.
Clem: Someone's got that job.
Agent Orange! I came up with that one. I apply my personality in a paste.

Joel: Oh, I doubt that very much.
Clem: Well, you don't know me, so...you don't know, do you?
Joel: Sorry. I was just...I'm trying to be nice.
Clem: Yeah. I got i

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