16 de febrero de 2011

You're not a stalker or anything, right?...

Joel: Hi. I could, uh, give you a ride, if you need. It's cold.
Clem: Yeah. Okay. Yeah.
Joel: Yeah?
Clem: It is frosty.

Clem: You're not a stalker or anything, right?
Joel: I'm not a stalker. You're the one that talked to me. Remember?
Clem: That is the oldest trick in the stalker book.
Joel: Really? There's a stalker book?
Clem: Mm-hmm.
Joel: Okay. I gotta read that one.

Clem: Look, I'm sorry if I came off sorta nutso. I'm not, really.
Joel: Oh, it's okay. I didn't think you were.
Clem: Did you wanna have a drink? I have lots of drinks, and I could,
Joel: Um...

Clem: Never mind. Sorry. That was stupid. I'm embarrassed now.
Joel: No, no, no, no.
Clem: Good night, Joel.

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